Igor Loskutov

Fullstack Web Developer


  • Backend, Frontend, Infrastructure, Management/Communications, (Functional, Static Typed) Clean Code
  • *technologies change fast, but fundamental knowledge and intuition stay forever*


  1. Backend Development and Dev Ops
    November 5, 2020
    "Igor is an excellent all-rounder. He has an excellent understanding of architecture, cost, programming etc. He is a great advisor as well as a great architect and full-stack developer."
    AR Shan
    — TheHireStreet
  2. Utilize Soundslice's JS API to make our Custom Player UI control Soundslice Iframe Embed
    April 21, 2018
    "Igor is incredible. He is entirely reliable, highly skilled, easy to work with, and trustworthy. In short, a perfect contract partner."
    Darren Jahn
    — FiddleQuest LLC
  3. React.js + Rails + Heroku Developer
    February 5, 2018
    "Igor is an excellent developer. He's also a great communicator and collaborator. Highly recommended if you can get him."
    Brian Dooner
    — Colibro Publishing & Media
  4. React Native application to help manage warehouse logistics
    September 1, 2017
    "Working with Igor has been fantastic. He was a great choice for the job! Talented, takes initiative and is a great communicator."
    Makalu Interactive LLC
  5. Consulting
    July 18, 2016
    "Igor is one of the best developer we ever meet. It was a pleasure to work with him. He has a broad skill set and was able to solve all task."
    Yarnee LLC
  6. Senior Front-End Developer
    July 18, 2016
    "Igor is an excellent team player and I would highly recommend him."
  7. Full stack Architect for a Node.js app server
    May 28, 2015
    "Igor surpassed our expectations. He is an amazing resource and one of the most knowledgable developers."
    — A vehicle fleet tracking app (NDA)

Current Project

Older Jobs

*Company - company profile - what I was doing*

  • Neoflex - System integrator - various management and financial reporting with ETL; Java/OracleSQL based stack for business process automation
  • Megaplan (RU) - Basecamp-like company - Jira-based helpdesk system (currently Atlassian got [this](https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/service-desk) but there was no such thing before), various Jira-based (Java+JS) management reports
  • Showmojo (US) - Real estate service - Features for Rails web application (property info parting/importing, Email/SMS notifications, administration interface)
  • Danke Games (US/DE) - Digital stories collecting/sharing startup - I created Python/Pyramid API, Node.js/Socket.js/Angular administration/monitoring interface, AngularJS web application including layout, company landing website, Varnish-based routing/caching, [EBS](http://aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/) autoscaled application cluster with centralized log storage (logstash/elasticsearch) and much more!
  • TheHireStreet (UK) - UK Item Rental/Catering - Java backend, Typescript/React frontend
  • TokenStore - Decentralised ERC20 Token Exchange - Market Charts, Browser <-> Ethereum contract integration

Older Regalia

  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE programmer, 2011
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer, 2011
  • Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3, 2011