About Igor Loskutoff

Fullstack web developer and more!


  • Ruby/Rails, Node.js, Scala Play framework
  • AngularJS
  • AWS, Heroku
  • Puppet, Capistrano
  • much much more


Company - company profile - what I did

  • Neoflex (RU) - System integrator - various management and financial reporting with ETL; Java/OracleSQL based stack for business process automatization
  • Megaplan (RU) - Basecamp-like company - Jira-based helpdesk system (currently Atlassian got this but there was no such thing before), various Jira-based (Java+JS) management reports
  • Showmojo (US) - Real estate service - Features for Rails web application (property info parting/importing, Email/SMS notifications, administration interface)
  • Danke Games (US/DE) - Digital stories collecting/sharing startup - I created Python/Pyramid API, Node.js/Socket.js/Angular administration/monitoring interface, AngularJS web application including layout, company landing website, Varnish-based routing/caching, EBS autoscaled application cluster with centralized log storage (logstash/elasticsearch) and much more!

Own projects

Regalia ;)

  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE programmer, 2011
  • Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer, 2011
  • Zend Certified Engineer PHP 5.3, 2011