Simple Boxing Timer iOS support page

What is it?

It’s a timer application mainly for sports exercises: any interval training including martial arts.

How to use it?

Basically, start the app and click ‘Start’ button. It will start the timer with 3min exercise and 1min rest time, 10 rounds. If you want to customize your times / rounds count, click the settings button below the screen and use the settings page to change your preferences.

I have a question / request / bug report

Please write me an email:

I want to help you with the app development

If you’re a developer, please contact me by email provided above. You also can see the code on Github If you’re not a developer, you can just say thanks by an email.

Do you have an Android version?

Possibly, I’ll deploy Android version later. For now, you can use my another app I wrote it in 2013 and current app is sort of redesign of this one.